Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click


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Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click

Facebook groups are best place for any discussion with your unique choice friends or other members. No one from outside can interfere in group without admin permission means groups are totally different from pages. In pages every person is free to like page. Groups can be secret, closed or public. But the problem we face in groups is that, we have to add all member manually one by one, which is time consuming process. As in our recent post we have discussed about Invite All Friends to Facebook Page. It is helpful for inviting too many friend to Facebook page within few secs and its totally a time saving method. But that process is only working only for Facebook page not for Facebook group. Today we will discuss about methods to add all member in Facebook group in a single click. Sometimes we have an account with 5000 or more friends. So its not an easy task to add too many friends and you face difficulty while adding them one by one. Don’t worry we care about your precious time and effort so therefore here is simplest and easiest way which will help you to add all friends to Facebook group within a single click.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          source credit


  • Chrome browser. If you don’t have, download from here.

Trick to add all friends to facebook group by a single click:

First, you will see how to create a facebook group with proper security policy then you will see a trick to add all friends to facebook in a single click.

Method 1: Add all friends to facebook group script:

First, click on Create group and write a group name.


  • Select only one friend in Members section to initiate all group related processes.
  • Privacy of Group:
    Facebook takes care of your group members privacy. So you have to choose a privacy option which your group wants.

Here some other instructions for facebook group permissions:
Anyone can see the group, its members, and their posts.
Anyone can find the group and see who is a member of it, but only members can see posts.
Only members can find the group and see posts.

  • Now click on create a group then choose an icon of your group and click on OK.
  • You have created a group. Now, add some description about your group and click on add members section box.
  • Copy a given code from this link
  • Press F12 to open developer console then paste the code and hit enter.

Within a few seconds your all friends will be added in the group.

You can also use another method for adding members to Facebook group.

Method 2: Add all friends to Facebook group chrome extension

Here’re the exact steps:

#1: Download the Chrome extension from here.

#2: Open the Facebook group in which you want to add all friends and add any one friend to facebook group first.

#3: Enable the Chrome extension and run above mentioned script.

It will auto add all friends to facebook group at once in few seconds

Here one video which can help you to execute this entire process

source credit

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