Another Torrent site bites dust

NEW DELHI: Popular downpour ordering site ExtraTorrent has closed down for all time. Among the top deluge ordering sites on the planet, ExtraTorrent was as of late down for some upkeep. It backpedaled live for some time, reporting its closed down after that.
Exploring to ExtraTorrent now shows a message perusing “ExtraTorrent has closed down for all time. ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes disconnected.. We for all time delete all information. Avoid fake ExtraTorrent sites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and deluge group. ET was a place to be….”
ExtraTorrent administrator SaM affirmed to TorrentFreak site that it is the finish of the street for ExtraTorrent. He said that the time has come to state farewell, additionally including that the site’s discharge gather ETRG is likewise latent at this point.
When the site went down, a portion of the Reddit clients guaranteed that they could get to it with the assistance of various VPNs. Be that as it may, after at some point, they likewise got clear screens when attempting to get to the site.
Established in November 2006, ExtraTorrent turned into the second biggest deluge ordering site after the shutdown of KickAss Torrents.
A year ago, prominent robbery site KickassTorrents was closed down after the capture of its charged proprietor Artem Vaulin in Poland, meta-internet searcher has quietly closed down with the message “Torrentz will dependably cherish you. Goodbye” to its guests.
Established in 2003, Torrentz was among the most established and prevalent stage to pay special mind to downpour documents. The deluge facilitating site later extended to end up plainly a meta-web search tool. Torrentz additionally gave a choice to enable individuals with copyright to certain substance to document a stop this instant gripe.