how to boost your computer for gaming


How to Boost Your PC’s Performance for Gaming

this post contains information to help you to improve the performance of your computer when you play any game on your pc.

These are common problem that you face when you are playing game

⦁ Slow game frame rates
⦁ Old Graphics Card
⦁ slow gameplay

How you can improve your game frame rates on your computer

1. improve frame rates: Update your graphics card and get latest drivers on your computer

if tou are using old windows driver isn’t good if you want best gaming performance on your pc, but if you update your graphic card and latest version of drivers. It’s much help you to play your game on your computer without lag and slow fps.

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2. Improve fps on your computer using optimisation software.

there are lots of program running on your background in windows, and they use your memory and CPU at same time.
Nowaday you can Use fps optimisation software that can easily optimise your fps and gaming performance
Windows have some optimisation tools, the easiest way to do is download Razer Game Booster which does a lot hard work on your computerto improve your performance.

Identify your graphics card that its latest or old

1. Update your HD Graphics driver automatically

A video card, which is also known as a display adapter, video adapter, graphics adapter, or graphics card, is a hardware device that your computer uses to connect to a monitor and send display information to the monitor. To make the display work well, Windows need graphics drivers. If the Windows got incorrect, corrupted, missing, or outdated video drivers, surely you will encounter video problems.

Note: The terms of graphics drivers also mean video card driver, monitor driver, display card driver.

How to use Driver talent pro follow this these simple steps

Run Driver Talent and click “Scan”. It will start to scan your PC to identify which drivers are outdated, incorrect, corrupted, missing, or broken.

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Step 2. Download or Update All the Out-of-date Drivers, including the Graphics Drivers

After scanning, Driver Talent will show you all the hardware and the drivers accordingly that need to be repaired or updated. Click the “Update” or “Repair” button to proceed. This free tool will quickly download the best-matched and the latest drivers

Driver talent boost computer

After all the drivers have been downloaded and installed, reboot your computer to make the drivers work.

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