Google Camera v4.3 Update Brings Along Ability to Mute Sounds


Google Camera v4.3 adds a new zoom bar control, tweaks exposure control behavior, and allows muting camera sounds [APK Download]

Google Camera v4.3

Main Updated Feature on google camera

  • You can find the option from General tab in app settings
  • The update is available for supported Nexus and Pixel phones
    • Feature would be useful for those annoyed by the shutter sound from camera


     The latest update to Google Camera app, version v4.3, has added a new feature that might bring relief to those who hate to hear the shutter sound when they click pictures. With the version v4.3 update, supported Nexus and Google Pixel users can turn off all the sounds within the search giant’s camera app with a simple toggle button.

    Users can now mute all sounds within the camera app, including the shutter sound on clicking pictures as well as the countdown beeps for timer, with a new ‘Camera sounds’ toggle that remains enabled by default, 9To5Google reports. Users can find the newly-added toggle under ‘General’ tab in settings.

    Notably, the new functionality will only be available to recent Nexus devices and Pixel smartphones as Google stopped updating the app for other smartphones back in 2015 itself. The company has reportedly started rolling out the update, and it should be available via Google Play soon.                                                                                                                                                            Source credit

    Zoom Bar

    zoom bar for best picture.

    Google Camera v4.3 zoom barGoogle Camera v4.3 zoom barGoogle Camera v4.3 zoom bar


    Stickier exposure control

    Control exposure as your requirement.

    Google Camera v4.3 zoom bar

    Turn off camera sounds

    turn off camera sound if you don’t like it

    Google Camera v4.3 sound


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