GOQii raises Rs 4.7 crore Karma

Wellbeing and health organization GOQii said it has raised Rs 4.7 crore through its karma program that empowers clients of the organization’s wellness wearable gadgets to procure focuses, which they can change over into cash and give for a beneficent cause.
For example, GOQii “players” win one karma point for each 390 stages taken. A sum of 19,497,588 karma focuses were changed over into Rs 4.7 crore towards supporting 25 causes, including Oxfam India, Greensole and Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust. The organization said Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune developed as the most liberal urban areas.
“We firmly trust that doing great deeds adds to the general prosperity of a man and assumes an imperative part in one’s close to home satisfaction,” said Vishal Gondal, CEO at GOQii. “We are pleased to have raised these assets, which will be used towards having any kind of effect in the general public . We want to keep on making a positive effect in the general public through our karma program.”
GOQii is supporting ladies strengthening and avoidance of abusive behavior at home with Oxfam India. The firm is appropriating nourishment to class understudies from low-salary families with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, and giving reused and agreeable footwear to those without shoes in relationship with Greensole.