How to Crash WhatsApp App by Sending a Message – Crash Friends WhatsApp Remotely


Today I will share a trick to hang or crash WhatsApp by sending a message. I will tell you a secret application which can crash or hang your friends WhatsApp easily. You can even crash WhatsApp group by using this method. This method is completely safe and genuine. You don’t even need to root your mobile phone.

What is WhatsApp bomber and how it works?

 WhatsApp Bomber will help you to crash any WhatsApp. This application has millions of words combination which are classified on the basis of the level. It has 5 level and the 5th level is most dangerous. The 5th level of WhatsApp bomber will even hang your smartphone and will crash and destroy your friends WhatsApp.

When you select a level and tap on copy bomb to the clipboard. At that time, it copies a lot of words and when you paste that message and send to your WhatsApp friend. Then, it literally crashes their WhatsApp.

Do not confuse between the hack and hang/crash. Whatsapp crash means that your friends WhatsApp will hang for some time. This app does not allow you to read WhatsApp messages or hack it. You can only crash person WhatsApp.

How to Crash WhatsApp App by Sending a Message – Crash WhatsApp Group

Download whatsapp bomber from below

  • Visit Settings => Security => Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Now, install WhatsApp bomber on your smartphone.
  • Now. Open WhatsApp bomber and select the level.
  • Now, paste the text in the chat box and your friends WhatsApp will be crashed.

Note: Higher the level will crash the WhatsApp for more time. If you tap on the 5th level. Then, even your phone will get hang and it can destroy your friends WhatsApp completely.

You can also recover from WhatApp crash by a restart of the smartphone. You can also visit settings =>Apps=> WhatsApp=> Force Stop.

Friends don’t forget to share this trick with your friends. If you face any problem then, do comment below. You can also watch the video tutorial for more clarification.

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