Russian blogger convicted for playing Pokemon Go in church

A Russian blogger was indicted Thursday for actuating religious disdain for playing “Pokemon Go” in a congregation, and given a suspended sentence.
Ruslan Sokolovsky posted a video on his blog a year ago indicating him playing the cell phone diversion in a congregation based on the gathered spot where the last Russian tsar and his family were slaughtered. He has been in confinement since October.
Judge Yekaterina Shoponyak on Thursday discovered Sokolovsky liable of affecting religious contempt and gave him a 3 ½-year suspended sentence. It is a similar offense that sent two ladies from the Pussy Riot punk group to jail for a long time in 2012.
Sokolovsky’s conduct and his hostile to religious recordings showed his “lack of respect for society,” Judge Yekaterina Shoponyak said in broadcast comments, including that Sokolovsky “expected to outrage religious assumptions.”
Shoponyak called attention to that the 22-year old video blogger was on trial not just to play the diversion in the congregation additionally to post a few recordings that affronted devotees. She recorded “joke of the flawless origination,” ”disavowal of the presence of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad” and “giving a hostile depiction of Patriarch Kirill,” the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Addressing correspondents after the decision Sokolovsky expressed gratitude toward the media for raising the alert about the trial, which has been generally portrayed as a witch chase: “I would most likely have been sent to jail if not for the columnists’ support.”
Once an authoritatively nonbeliever state, Russia has made a dazzling turnaround since the fall of the Soviet Union with the dominant part of Russians now distinguishing themselves as Orthodox Christians. Albeit most Russians are not attentive, the Kremlin has been anxious to bridle confidence to advance its own particular motivation. The liable decision for the Pussy Riot individuals encouraged radical religious activists who have been effective in their open battles to get theater exhibitions prohibited and displays shut. A year ago, activists propelled a drive to gather marks to end state subsidizing for fetus removal.
Sokolovsky’s conviction brought about shock in Russia with numerous noticeable figures portraying it as a judgment of skepticism.
“I was conceived and experienced childhood in the Soviet Union where 98% of natives were nonbelievers,” restriction pioneer Alexei Navalny said on Twitter on Thursday while the hearing was being webcast. “What’s more, now I’m tuning in to a decision where a man has been indicted for skepticism.”